Transparency, Reflection, Light, Space: A Response, 2017


Transparency Reflection Light Space: A Response was created in response to a 1971 exhibition catalog interview with the artist, Larry Bell, in which prior to publication Bell removed the vowels from his interview responses. My response to the work presents the remaining vowels, while exploring Bell's gesture, the abstraction of language, and the research process through imagery and material exploration.

Initially, I read Bell’s obfuscated responses as inherently gendered in the context of masculinity in the art historical legacy of Minimalism. It is defiant, brusque and, when read aloud, what remains are unpronounceable, guttural noises. My response to the work presents the remaining vowels, as a sort of harmonic vocalization, since vowels give shape and rounded-out sound to the English language.

The book is letterpress printed, photocopied and laser printed on various papers in a cloth-covered three-part case binding.
8"h x 8"w, 34 pp. Edition of 63.

$425 (Contact to inquire/purchase.)

Transparency Reflection Light Space: A Response was published by the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY in March and April of 2017 through their Artist’s Book Residency Grant program.

Read more about my residency and the project on the WSW Blog.


This work is held in the collections at Bennington College, Bucknell University, Harvard University,  New York Public Library, Ohio State University, Reed College, Ringling College of Art + Design, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Arkansas, University of Delaware, University of Michigan, Virginia Commonwealth University.


Photographs below by Alec Smith via WSW.