Catalog of Catalogs, on-going

a weblog chronicling exhibition catalogs as studio reference materials and research

screenshot of website, animated GIF, 2015

The Internet grants us with an incredible opportunity to view high-resolution images of exhibitions from galleries, museums and institutions from all over the world, whenever we want. Compendium sites like Contemporary Art Daily, ArtNews’ Pictures in an Exhibition, ArtCritical, and so many others, are creating an active archive of exhibition images from shows mounted over the last few years. These sites provide invaluable resources to artists, educators, and the general art-consuming public.
I am interested in highlighting the printed exhibition catalog as a studio resource that I have turned to over the last few years as I investigate the sources and lineage of my interests and goals as an artist. Readily available through library loans, the catalogs have become a studio staple for the length of their loan period and are consumed through scans, photography, and other modes of replication like tracing and digital imaging.