Transparency Reflection Light Space: A Response, 2015-16

In the 1971 exhibition catalog of Transparency, Reflection, Light, Space: Four Artists, a tiny note prefaces Larry Bell’s interview, “the vowels were deleted intentionally." What follows is a curious conversation in which the curator’s questions remain intact, but Bell’s obfuscated responses read to me as inherently gendered in the context of masculinity in the art historical legacy of Minimalism. It is defiant, brusque and, when read aloud, what remains are unpronounceable, guttural noises.

In response, I present only the vowels, and thus provide a sort of solution to the cipher. My work reads as a harmonic vocalization, since vowels give shape and rounded-out sound to the English language.

Transparency Reflection Light Space: A Response will be an editioned letterpress printed artist’s book to be made at the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY thanks to an Artist’s Book Residency Grant.

SAMPLE BOOK PAGES, and reference images below.