Untitled (Book Objects), on-going
bound photocopies on steel wall-mounted shelves
variable sizes (~ 7" h x 6" w x 1.5" d)

Images below are from performance/installation at The Printer's Ball (July 2014) and The world is mystical, dangerous and delicious at Western Exhibitions (January 30 to March 7, 2015).

Untitled (Book Objects) as Objects That Make Themselves
Referencing artist Dorothea Rockburne's Drawing Which Makes Itself (1973), I performed repetitive actions to create a series of objects that seemingly "made themselves." I set up a photocopy machine to copy blank paper onto itself, creating geometric abstracted images on the fronts and backs of the sheets. Arranging the prints into stacks, I pefect-bound the photocopies and finished them using a guillotine to create dimensional geometric forms, Book Objects. My repetitive production method mimicked the mechanized actions of the photocopier, which rhythmically churned out prints for the duration of the event. The resulting objects carry this duality as austerely-presented, formal objects with the subtlety of hand-binding and intimate scale.
I am very interested in repeating this performance and installation. Have access to a copier? Let's talk.