Untitled, 2012
toner monoprints on paper with impressions

This series is created by manipulating drawings with a photocopy machine, using hand-applied toner, graphite and physical folds or impressions in the paper. Most, if not all, of the images are derived from one original graphite drawing (not shown) which creates the narrative of repetition and investigates the concept of the frequency illusion.

Untitled (corner), 2012Untitled (corner), 2012 7.5” x 22” Untitled (continued line), 2012Untitled (continued line), 2012 15” x 12.5” Untitled (ghost triptych), 2012Untitled (ghost triptych), 2012 22.5” x 22” Frequency Illusion (peaks), 2012Frequency Illusion (peaks), 2012 graphite & impression, 11.25" x 7"  Untitled (shadowed peaks), 2012 Untitled (shadowed peaks), 2012 11.25" x 7" Untitled (fraternal twin peaks)Untitled (fraternal twin peaks) with impressions, 11.25" x 7" Untitled (black on black), 2012 Untitled (black on black), 2012 11.25" x 7"